Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale is proving to be a huge money maker for the company. While it was already popular before its launch on mobile, the release on iOS seems to have spurred it to even greater heights where it has been reported that the game has managed to earn the developers a whopping $25 million.

Given its popularity, we suppose Epic might want to try and expand its availability to as many platforms as possible and it looks like the Nintendo Switch could be next. This is according to a recently spotted job listing in which based on the wording, Iron Galaxy Studios might have revealed that the game could be coming to the Switch.

For those unfamiliar, Iron Galaxy is the developer who ported Bethesda’s Skyrim onto the Switch, so for them to possibly be working on a port for Fortnite doesn’t seem entirely out of the question. However it should be noted that the mention of Fortnite was later removed, possibly to avoid confusion.

This is because according to this tweet, Iron Galaxy was reportedly behind the mobile version of Fortnite, so the wording could simply mean that the Fortnite port they are referring to could just be the mobile version, and not the Switch version. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but note that Epic isn’t closed to the idea of bringing Fortnite onto the Switch, and stated that they are hopeful that they’ll be able to release it for the console “at some point”.

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