So we have been hearing rumors that there could be a standalone Joker movie in the works. Now in a report from Variety, it seems that such a movie is indeed underway and that their sources have told them that the movie is expected to feature Jared Leto who will star and executive produce the movie.

For those unfamiliar, Leto played as the Joker in the DCEU’s Suicide Squad film which was unfortunately not very well-received. Leto had also previously stated in interviews that a lot of the Joker’s scenes from the movie had been cut, so we guess it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for a standalone Joker movie that would expand on his character.

That being said, it should be noted that there could actually end up being two different Joker movies. Last year Warner Bros. announced that they would be developing a Joker origin movie with Todd Phillips, but the studio also said that this movie would fall under a new “origins” banner which would exist separate from the current DCEU. This means that Leto’s Joker and the origins Joker would be separate characters.

It is unclear when Leto’s Joker movie will be going into production, but the report claims that they are currently searching for a writer which means that it could probably be a while before it makes its way into the cinema.

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