We imagine that the thought of getting into a self-driving car can be a bit scary. After all this is a computer that controls the speed and direction of the car which can be a bit disconcerting at first. However Apple could have come up with an idea on how to better handle such situations, which is by detecting the stress levels of the passenger.

In a recently discovered patent (via AppleInsider), it appears that Apple has come up with an idea in which the self-driving car will come with sensors to monitor the passenger’s stress levels. Based on that, it will then be able to adjust its driving style to suit the situation that would in theory prevent the passenger from panicking.

For example if it detects that the passenger has high stress levels due to them being nervous, it might then choose to drive slower to allow passengers to get accustomed to being in the car. These sensors will measure all kinds of things, such as the passenger’s eye movements, body posture, gestures, pupil dilation, blinking, body temperature, heart beat, perspiration, head position, and more.

That being said it is unclear if this patent will be made a reality, or better yet, what Apple plans to do with it. The company has been working on self-driving technology but it is unclear as to whether this could result in Apple building their own cars, or if they might create a system that other car manufacturers could adopt.

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