High-end audio company Bang & Olufsen has decided to phase out its B&O Play sub-brand. The company now prefers to sell all of its products under the primary Bang & Olufsen brand. This may help alleviate confusion as the Bang & Olufsen brand has long been associated with quality audio products. Customers who were perhaps not aware that B&O Play was indeed the company’s sub-brand may have unintentionally avoided purchasing its products.

Bang & Olufsen confirmed this branding change in its latest earnings report. It mentions that the consolidation of the brand names actually took place about a month ago on June 1st. The company is now planning to slowly merge the two brands as far as product packaging, marketing, and online presence is concerned.

B&O Play was introduced as a budget-friendly brand from the Danish audio company and it accounts for almost half of the company’s revenues. It sells high-end audio products and TVs under its main Bang & Olufsen brand so merging the two brands together will enable it to leverage the prestige and perception of quality associated with Bang & Olufsen proper for its budget products as well.

You can now find B&O Play-branded products alongside the main Bang & Olufsen products on the company’s main website.

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