There are age limits when it comes to doing certain activities, such as drinking, driving, smoking, voting, gambling, and so on. However the question is, should there be an age limit when it comes to using drones? That’s something a new bill proposed by the UK’s Department of Transport seems to suggest.

According to the proposed bill, it has been suggested that those below a certain age might not be allowed to own/operate drones that weigh more than 250g, which effectively rules out quite a number of drones in the market today. According to the report, it has been proposed that the age be set at 18 years and above.

However it has been noted that 18 years is still 3 years below the minimum age requirement one would need to obtain an aeroplane or helicopter pilots license. There is an upside and that is those below the age limit can operate the drones as long as they are being supervised by an older individual.

Apparently the age limit has been proposed due to concerns about how there are increased instances of near-collisions with manned aircrafts, and also snooping. That being said, the UK isn’t alone in trying to regulate drones. In the US the FAA has made it a requirement for drone owners to register their drone with the agency.

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