One of the features that was launched on Google Home a few months back was Routines. Basically it allowed users to group multiple commands together and execute all of them at once with a single command. For example you could say, “Good morning” and it would turn on the lights, start the coffee machine, and so on.

Now it looks like Google Home users will be able to take Routines to the next level as according to reports, Scheduled Routines are now rolling out to users. For those who are unfamiliar, Scheduled Routines as the name implies are Routines that can be scheduled. This means that if you followed a pretty tight schedule, like waking up every day during the week at 8am for work, you can schedule these Routines to be run without you having to say or do anything.

This can also come in handy at night where you turn off all the lights and enable your home alarm system, so at times when you’re too tired and fall asleep, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do that. Users will be able to schedule these Routines on any day that they want and also at any time.

The feature is said to be rolling out users as we speak so if you don’t see it yet, not to worry as it should eventually find its way to you.

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