It has often been advised that public WiFi networks aren’t necessarily the most secure, so when using it, it might not necessarily be the best idea to log into your banking accounts, make financial transactions, or access sensitive documents lest you end up having your information intercepted or spied upon.

However for those who do use public WiFi from time to time, you might be interested to learn that Verizon has recently launched a VPN service called Safe WiFi that is designed to protect users while on public WiFi networks. According to Verizon, Safe WiFi is expected to encrypt your browsing sessions using “bank-grade encryption”.

It will also block and hide your IP to help cover your tracks and not give out your private information. To top it off, Verizon’s VPN will also provide users with ad blocking which is also another way of protecting your online presence as some ads do come with trackers that tracks your activity across the internet.

Unfortunately this feature is only available to Verizon customers who will need to add it to their account. It will cost $3.99 a month and will cover up to 10 devices on their account. To sign up or to learn more, head on over to Verizon’s website for the details.

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