Need to buy groceries but don’t have a car and you don’t want to deal with lugging bags of groceries on the bus, train, or a taxi?  The good news is that if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, Waymo and Walmart might have a solution for you thanks to a new partnership by both companies.

Launched as a pilot program, it seems that Walmart customers in Phoenix will soon be able to call themselves a Waymo ride which will send them to the store and collect their groceries which were ordered via Walmart’s website. Taking part in this pilot program will also nab shoppers a discount.

For those unfamiliar, Waymo is Alphabet’s self-driving car division which means that if you’ve always wondered how a self-driving car handles, this could be it. According to Waymo, “We’ve been busy teaming up with partners this summer to create new experiences, and provide unique value for our riders. We know from our early riders that most of their rides are to run errands, shop for groceries, commute to work, head to dinner or fix their personal vehicles.”

Of course there are still plenty of other ways that you can get your groceries, such as have them delivered to your home, but like we said if you are curious about self-driving cars and wouldn’t mind snagging yourself a discount, then maybe it could be worth checking out.

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