New 17.5-inch Samsung Galaxy View 2 Tablet Could Be In Development

Tablets were generally seen as being portable devices that served as a happy middle between a computer and a smartphone, where it would feature the mobility of a smartphone, but pack the display of a small laptop so that browsing websites and watching videos would be a more enjoyable experience.

Samsung pushed the boundaries of that when they launched the Galaxy View tablet a few years ago. We haven’t heard anything from Samsung since but according to a report from Android Police, it seems that Samsung has plans for a return with the Galaxy View 2. However unlike its predecessor which packed an 18.4-inch display, the rumore Galaxy View 2 is said to feature a slightly smaller display of 17.5-inches.

This would still make it a pretty huge tablet, but we suppose that’s the point of the Galaxy View in the first place. The report also claims that the tablet will sport a book-like hinge where it will allow users to use the tablet at different heights and angles, one of which would lower the tablet to a drafting table-like position if you want to draw on it.

In terms of specs, the tablet is rumored to pack Samsung’s Exynos processor and will be using a 1080p Full HD display. It is also rumored to pack just 3GB of RAM, all of which makes the device sound like a mid-ranger at best, so for those hoping for a potential laptop replacement, you might have to look elsewhere.

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