The upside of shopping at wholesale places is that prices tend to be considerably cheaper compared to regular stores, although the downside is that generally you would have to buy in bulk. However if that’s how you do your shopping, you’ll be pleased to learn that Costco is now accepting Apple Pay across all of its warehouses.

Prior to this Costco’s acceptance of Apple Pay was on a trial basis where not all of its warehouses were equipped with the necessary hardware to accept the payments. The feature was initially trialled at it Issaquah, Washington warehouse located near Costco’s headquarters, but now it looks like support for Apple Pay is available across all of its stores.

This means that if you shop a lot using Apple Pay then you should have no problems using it at any of Costco’s warehouses, whether you use it via your iPhone or your Apple Watch. This means that there will be 750 locations across the US that support Apple Pay. The company has also been steadily outfitting its gas stations with contactless readers as well, but as MacRumors notes, only a few have gone live since.

The availability at Costco is a coup for Apple given how big Costco is. It was also confirmed last month that Apple Pay’s availability is expected to find its way to 7-Eleven outlets and CVS stores later this year as well.

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