Amid reports that Android 9 Pie might bring a native call recording feature, the reality actually appears to be on the contrary. It won’t be possible for users to make use of call recording apps if their handset is running Android 9 Pie. Google has made some changes in its latest software update to prevent third-party apps from working.

There’s a polarizing debate around call recording. Different places have different rules about it which is why Google can’t offer a standard feature in Android without going against the rules. It removed the official call recording API from Android in Marshmallow but nevertheless, third-party app developers were able to offer this functionality.

They won’t be able to do so after Android 9 Pie. The developers of two popular call recording apps have mentioned that the changes in Android 9 Pie mandate a root now. It will no longer be possible to record calls on an Android 9 Pie device unless it’s rooted first.

Some earlier reports had suggested that Google was working on a special tone which would play every 15 seconds when a call was being recorded. That hasn’t materialized and neither has the native call recording feature in Android P. Whether Google decides to add it in a subsequent release remains to be seen.

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