Various governments around the world have employed the use of facial recognition technology which they claim is for security purposes. For example over in China, they have demonstrated its usefulness when the technology allowed them to identify and capture a suspect who was attending a concert.

Now it looks like over in the US, facial recognition tech is showing signs that it works where over at the Washington Dulles International Airport, its first imposter has been caught. The airport had only recently implemented the use of facial recognition technology, and it managed to nab them a 26-year old man from Sao Paulo, Brazil who had been fooling authorities with a fake French passport.

However when he reached the airport, he tried using his French passport but when put through the facial recognition technology, he was busted and after a comprehensive check, a Republic of Congo ID was discovered hidden inside of his shoe. Naturally there are privacy advocates who feel that this technology might be abused, but the US Customs and Border Protection feels differently, arguing that it will bolster security at airports.

According to the CBP’s director Casey Durst, “Facial recognition technology is an important step forward for CBP in protecting the United States from all types of threats. Terrorists and criminals continually look for creative methods to enter the U.S. including using stolen genuine documents. The new facial recognition technology virtually eliminates the ability for someone to use a genuine document that was issued to someone else.”

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