A report earlier this week seemed to suggest that Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale for Android could actually be launched outside the Google Play Store. For the most part all apps are typically launched via the Play Store for a variety of reasons, such as security, reassurances that it won’t be malware (for the most part), consolidation, ease of updates, and more.


This is a strange move, but a move that has since been confirmed. In an email to The Verge, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney said, “Epic wants to have a direct relationship with our customers on all platforms where that’s possible. The great thing about the Internet and the digital revolution is that this is possible, now that physical storefronts and middlemen distributors are no longer required.”

He also adds that another reason for launching outside the Play Store is that it would allow Epic to skip paying Google the 30% cut that they get from in-app purchases. Considering that Epic is said to be earning $2 million a day from the iOS version of the app, that means that the company would have to pay $600,000 a day in cuts.

Epic doesn’t really have much of a choice with iOS, but given that Android is more “free” with how apps are downloaded and installed, they could definitely save on that front. Unfortunately there is still no mention of when the Android version of Fortnite will be released, but last we heard it could launch as a temporary Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive.

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