gmailThe way our emails and messages are displayed have come a long way from back in the day, where every email and message was separated into its own thread. These days designers are favoring conversation-style UIs which makes understanding the context of a message a lot better.


However there are times when conversation-style UIs might not be advantageous, and the good news for Gmail users on mobile is that Google is now allowing you to disable it. According to Google, “In Gmail, replies to emails are grouped together as ‘conversations,’ to make them easier to digest and follow. Some users, however, prefer to see each of their emails listed individually in their inbox. This is possible on the web by toggling ‘Conversation View’ off in the Settings menu.”

“We’re now bringing this same feature to the Gmail Android and iOS apps. If you currently have Conversation view turned off on the web, it will be turned off on your mobile app as well.” This should come in handy, especially in emails that might be particularly long which can happen when you email back and forth over the course of several months (or years).

As noted by Google, this change is applicable to both the iOS and Android version of Gmail, so if this is a feature you would like to check out, fire up the mobile app on your phones and take it for a spin.

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