Smart speakers are supposed to be smart, but there are some things that AI still can’t quite grasp yet and that is context. This is why sometimes speaking to digital assistants can feel a bit unnatural, but clearly work is being done to improve on that. In fact Google Home seems to be getting better at understanding context.

It has been reported that google Home is now smarter when it comes to adjusting your connected lights. Before this when you spoke to Google Home to turn on/off your lights, it would assume you meant all of them even if you wanted the living room. However now it seems that Google Home is smarter and will only turn off the lights in the room you are in.

That being said there is a catch and that is it will require users to assign Google Home to their various rooms so that it understands which room you are in. Prior to this, users had to issue very specific commands which as Android Police points out, seems a bit unnatural. This is a small change but it could go a long way in making interactions with our smart devices more natural.

Google isn’t alone in trying to introduce context to its digital assistant. Recently Amazon also rolled out an update to Alexa, where users with multiple Alexas would try to determine which Alexa device was the closest and use that instead of having all of them activate at once.

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