The mantra “practice makes perfect” is very true, but it is also important to practice the right way. After all practicing something the wrong way many times still ends up being wrong at the end of the day. This is true in sports where having coaches as an objective party can help improve your game.


However not all of us have access or the resources to spend on private training, but that’s something the HomeCourt app wants to change with the use of AI. The app is gaining prominence thanks to the fact that NBA star Jeremy Lin, who plays as point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, is one of the investors in NEX Team who developed the app.

The app will use the camera on your smartphone or tablet where it will record the shots you take, and based on that it will be able to leverage its AI to help provide feedback to players on how to improve themselves. The app itself is free and players will be able to record up to 300 shots per month.

However if you want unlimited shots, it will come at a cost of $7.99 per month as a subscription, which admittedly is still cheaper than hiring an actual coach. Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Lin was quoted as saying, “HomeCourt provides the platform for players to start working smarter. The fact that this tech is now available to everyone anywhere, not just to professional basketball players, is very special.”

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