Back in 2007 with the launch of Mac OS X Leopard, Apple introduced a “Back to My Mac” feature which basically allowed users to access files stored on one computer from another, which in a way acted like a roundabout way of cloud storage. Given how dated the feature is, unsurprisingly Apple has decided to retire the feature in macOS Mojave.


In a support document on Apple’s website (via Cult of Mac), Apple has started to inform users that the feature will no longer be supported in the next update to macOS, or rather the feature will not be there at all which means that for those who are still using it, it’s time to start looking at alternatives. Apple has since recommended users some alternative services, such as iCloud Drive that more or less does the same thing, as long the files are stored on iCloud.

However for those who want to do more than just access files, Apple is also recommending features like screen sharing (check out Apple’s guide on how to set it up), or maybe even Apple Remote Desktop which will cost customers $80 to purchase the app. The latter option will be for more those who want more complete access to other Mac computers, like accessing a work computer from home, and vice versa.

However if you’re just looking for simple file access, iCloud Drive is an option. Google Drive (or Google One) is also an alternative, or Dropbox, all of which feature the ability integrate into macOS for quick and easy access.

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