For the most part, most of us usually have one computer, or maybe two at most where one is used at work, and one for home. However we imagine that there are probably some who have more than two computers, and if that’s you, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has decided to remove the install limit of Office 365 for subscribers.


Right now Microsoft has install limits for Office 365 subscribers, where those with a Home subscription are limited to 10 devices across five users, while those with Personal subscriptions are limited to one computer (PC or Mac) and one tablet. However according to Microsoft, all of this will be done away with starting on the 2nd of October, where users can install Office 365 across as many devices as they want.

Of course this doesn’t mean that users can stay logged into and have unlimited users at once. Instead Microsoft is putting a cap on that where a max of five devices can be signed on at once. That being said we’re not sure how many devices you would need or want to install Office 365 on, but we suppose the freedom is there should users want it.

In addition to removing the device install limit, Microsoft is also changing the number of licenses users get for Office 365 Home, where instead of five, users now get six, and there will be no change in pricing either. This is also expected to come into effect starting from the 2nd of October, 2018.

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