The number of gadgets launched every year is staggering, and so are the number of accessories that launch with it. Smartphones alone have so many accessories to choose from, such as a case, covers, screen protectors of different materials, dongles, camera lens attachments, and more.


This also means that whenever a new gadget is launched, older accessories will no longer be usable, and thus discarded, creating a ton of waste in the process. To put an end to this, or at least do their part for the environment, Mophie’s co-founders have since launched a new brand dubbed “Nimble” that aims to create eco-friendly accessories.

These accessories will be made using plant-based bioplastics, hemp fabric, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled aluminum. They will also use TPE texture for its look versus the use of toxic paints. Its packaging is also plastic-free and will be 100% compostable. Taking a quick look on their website, the brand has managed to create some pretty visually appealing products, just in case some of you guys were worried that design had to be compromised in order to incorporate these materials.

So far the company has launched a few accessories ranging from portable chargers to wireless charging kits, so head on over if you’d like to check them out.

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