While the PS4 Pro does a pretty decent job at bringing 4K gaming onto home televisions, we’re sure many are already wondering what kind of hardware and gaming the next-gen PlayStation could bring to the table, which is why in recent times there has been a bit of talk about the Sony PS5.

No one save for Sony knows when it will launch, but analyst Hideki Yasuda from Japanese firm Ace Economic Research Institute has offered up a potential timeframe: late 2019. According to Yasuda, he claims that the console will launch in the later part of 2019 but at the same time there could be potential delays due to component shortages.

These components come in the form of monolithic ceramic capacitors which are being used in cars, and also in more advanced models of smartphones. This has led Yasuda to express concern about whether or not there will be enough components left to find their way into consoles, or at least on the scale that Sony might be hoping to produce.

Sony had earlier this year hinted that the PS4 was entering the end of its lifecycle, hinting that a successor might not be too far off. However other reports have suggested that it might only arrive in 2020 at the earliest. In any case only time will tell, but since Sony’s previous-gen consoles are usually support alongside its new consoles for at least the first year or two, buying a new PS4 or PS4 Pro console should still be fine.

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