It is safe to say that for the longest time ever, Sony has been hugely successful with their mirrorless cameras. They were the first to launch a full-frame mirrorless camera which has sat very well with professionals, so much so that there are more than a few who have since dumped their DSLRs in favor of these full-frame mirrorless cameras.

However now that Nikon and Canon are expected to launch their new mirrorless cameras (which are rumored to be full-frame models) this month and next month respectively, is Sony worried? According to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, it seems that Sony has been anticipating this for a while, and their sources tell them that the company is not “unprepared” for what Nikon and Canon might have in store.

It also seems that Sony has new products that they are planning on announcing soon as well, which will be the company’s “serious answer” to Nikon and Canon’s announcements. It is unclear as to what kind of products Sony might have as it was just earlier this year that Sony launched the Sony A7 III camera.

However the company has yet to launch the A7S III, the successor to the A7S II, so it is possible that this could be what their sources mean. In any case it remains to be seen if Nikon and Canon’s new mirrorless cameras will live up to the hype, but check back with us on the 23rd of August which is when Nikon’s announcement will take place.

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