A few months ago, Xiaomi announced their latest wearable in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. If you thought that Xiaomi was going to wait until next year to debut another wearable, think again because the company has since launched another wearable called the Hey+ on Chinese crowdfunding website Youpin.


The Hey+ on first glance looks very much like the Mi Band 3, and you would not be faulted if you thought they were the same device. This is because for the most part, the Hey+ does pack the features of the Mi Band 3, except with some additional changes. This includes a slightly larger display where instead of a 0.78-inch 128×80 display, it will now feature a 0.95-inch 240×120 display.

It will also feature Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and there is also built-in NFC support, which judging by the pictures on its crowdfunding page suggests that the device could be used to pay for items, be used as a train pass, and even let users into buildings that support NFC tags. Other than that, it will feature all the same fitness tracking features that you would expect from the Mi Band 3.

So far the crowdfunding efforts of Xiaomi have been successful where it appears that it has managed to surpass its goal by a considerable stretch. It is priced at 229 yuan which is about $33.50 after conversion. No word on whether it will find its way stateside, but if you’re interested you can check it out on its Youpin page.

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