Apple recently confirmed that it’s going to conduct a press event on September 12th. It hasn’t said what we will be treated to at the event but if history is any indication, Apple will launch new iPhones on that day. Reports suggest that the company will be launching as many as three new iPhone models. The 2018 iPhone X will reportedly be more technologically advanced than its rivals and would hold on to that lead for much of 2019 as well.

Multiple reports have suggested that the upcoming iPhone X is going to be powered by the A12 processor that’s based on the 7nm process technology. The generational improvement in process technology will deliver performance and power efficiency gains.

Companies like Qualcomm and Samsung have 10nm process based chips in smartphones already and won’t be putting 7nm chips on the market this year. TSMC, Apple’s chip manufacturer, appears to be ready to churn out 7nm A12 chips for the new iPhones. It has been Apple’s sole chip supplier since the iPhone 7.

That would make the iPhone X the only smartphone on the market with a 7nm chip this year. Supply chain reports suggest that most manufacturers won’t get sub-10nm chips for the better part of next year as well as many foundries have pulled back investment in the 7nm process and are sticking with 14/12nm for cost reasons.

Qualcomm and MediaTek are both believed to have postponed the launch of their 7nm chips to 2019 even though they were previously expected to do that later this year. Samsung has said that it will soon be building 7nm mobile chips but it remains to be seen if one will make it to the Galaxy S10 that’s due early next year.

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