Amazon has been steadily releasing Alexa-enabled devices, and thanks to Alexa being open to outside companies, we’re seeing more Alexa devices find their way to the market. However it seems that Amazon might not be done just yet because according to reports, the company plans to launch at least eight new Alexa devices by the end of the year.

Now if you’re thinking that these will just be Echo speakers, think again because if the reports are right, we could be looking at non-speaker devices in the form of a microwave oven. Yup, Amazon could potentially launch their own microwave oven that will feature Alexa smarts, meaning that users could use it to reheat food remotely, on a schedule, and so on.

Other devices that Amazon is reportedly planning to launch will also include your usual suspects, such as an amplifier, a receiver, a subwoofer, and even an in-car gadget that will bring Alexa to your car. Amazon has been expanding Alexa’s availability pretty fast, and like we said, the fact that it is open to other companies means that adoption should be faster.

While Amazon isn’t necessarily early to the digital assistant scene, they do seem to be progressing rather nicely in terms of gaining a huge chunk of market share.

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