Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone Spotted At TENAA

Earlier this year the Black Shark gaming smartphone was launched. For those unfamiliar or unaware, we can’t say we blame you as this is a brand backed by Xiaomi over in China, which means that if you’re from the west then you might not have heard of it. However if you have, then it seems that the company is wasting no time in churning out a successor.

It seems that thanks to a sighting at TENAA (China’s version of the FCC), it looks like a Black Shark 2 could be in the works and due for an announcement in the near future. It is unclear as to what kind of changes the second Black Shark gaming phone could bring to the table, but so far it seems that it will be keeping some of its specs, such as a 5.99-inch display and a 4,000mAh battery.

Other than that it is unclear as to what kind of hardware it could be packing, although some are speculating that it could be a budget version of the original Black Shark. These days there seems to be a growing interest in smartphones designed for gaming. Razer more or less reignited the trend for gaming phones with the Razer Phone, and after that we have seen other companies such as ASUS get on board.

There are also rumors that Samsung might be developing their own gaming phone as well. In any case we’ll have to wait for an official announcement so check back with us at a later date for more details.

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