In today’s society, companies such as Google are so integrated with our lives that it’s hard to use any other service. Unfortunately their monopoly also means that sometimes we have no choice but to grit our teeth and hope that our personal data is being treated properly, although Google seems to be making it very hard for us to do so.


It has been reported that in the latest version of Chrome, Chrome 69, it seems that should you log into any of Google’s internet services like Gmail or YouTube, information such as your personal browsing history will be uploaded onto Google’s servers. This is because of a change in how Google handles logins, where previously users could log into Google’s online services without having to log into their browser.

However that has changed and logging into those services will log you into the browser as well, which in turn uploads said information to Google’s servers. According to people who work at Google, this is an intended function as it was designed to help prevent and avoid complications when a user logs into Chrome, and another user uses that browser to log into their own Google account.

That being said if you are a Google Chrome user, chances are you might be logged into the browser anyway so this doesn’t really change much. However if you’re using a public computer or if you’d rather not have Google know what you do, then maybe you should start looking at alternatives.

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