A couple of years ago Fujifilm launched the GFX 50S which marked the company’s first foray into the medium format business. Now fast forward two years later, it seems that the company has plans for a successor because in a report from Fuji Rumors, they are claiming that Fujifilm will be making an announcement on the 25th of September.

This announcement is said to be for the successor to the GFX 50S in the form of the GFX 50R. The report also shares some alleged leaked specs such as how the camera will be a rangefinder style camera, sport only an EVF (means it won’t be a hybrid like the X-Pro series), a 2-way tilt screen, support for dual SD cards, and button layout and look that is similar to the X-E3.

Unfortunately it seems that the 50R will not be priced cheaply either. Assuming their sources are correct, the 50R could be priced starting at $4,500, although we’re not sure if that’s body-only or if that’s the price with the kit lens. Interestingly enough while it is expensive, it is cheaper than its predecessor in which B&H is selling body-only for $5,850 which is after an “instant savings” of $650.

We’re sure that there are probably some who are hoping to see a full-frame Fujifilm mirrorless, especially with Nikon and Canon tossing their hats into the ring. However as a report from two years ago suggests, the company doesn’t seem to be interested, at least for now.

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