One of the features that Google brought to Google Assistant last year was support for Lens, which for those unfamiliar is an AI tool developed by Google that can analyze and identify images shown to it. One of its uses was that users could point their smartphone’s camera at an object and Lens would try to figure out what it is and pull up more information.


Now according to Google, it seems that they are bringing support for Lens to Google Image search. In many ways it does what Lens already does, except that it will work in image search results as well, so that users doing normal searches can still use Lens’ technology to find more information on the image they are searching for.

According to Google, “Lens’ AI technology analyzes images and detects objects of interest within them. If you select one of these objects, Lens will show you relevant images, many of which link to product pages so you can continue your search or buy the item you’re interested in.”

To top it off, users will be able to select objects within images to use Lens to identify it. “Using your finger on a mobile device screen, Lens will also let you ‘draw’ on any part of an image, even if it’s not preselected by Lens, to trigger related results and dive even deeper on what’s in your image.” These changes will be coming in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for it.

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