Inbox isn’t the only email client that Google will be discontinuing in the near future. The company has confirmed that it’s also going to shut down the Gmail Offline app from Chrome OS in the coming months. This app will go away sooner than Inbox, which is scheduled for sunset in March 2019. The Gmail Offline Chrome app is going to be discontinued this December.


Google launched the Gmail Offline app for Chrome OS back in 2011. The app enabled Gmail users to read and search their emails when they were not connected to the internet. At that point in time there wasn’t much Chrome OS device owners could do when they didn’t have an internet connection. The app also allowed them to compose emails that could be sent once the device was connected to the internet.

The app became redundant earlier this year when Google brought native offline access as part of a major update to the core Gmail web app. It mentioned at that time that it wouldn’t be long before the Gmail Offline Chrome app would be discontinued. It has now confirmed when this is going to happen.

Google now recommends that users rely on this native offline functionality. ““This native capability is easier to use and performs better than the Gmail Offline Chrome app,” the company says. It’s going to remove the app from the Chrome Web Store after December 3rd, 2018.

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