IFTTT’s app is a pretty nifty tool if you are looking to automate certain tasks on your phone. The good news for users is that if you are using a Sonos speaker, it looks like IFTTT support has officially arrived on the device where IFTTT will now be integrated into the Sonos Sound Platform.

According to the announcement by Sonos on their community page, “Now you can have Sonos start your favorite radio station when your Ring-enabled door unlocks after you get home, or play your special pizza song (you do have a special pizza song, don’t you?) when your Domino’s order goes out for delivery. Having a party? Set your lights and your music using Phillips Hue.”

The company adds, “IFTTT opens up millions of possibilities for customizing your smart home with Sonos in new and exciting ways. Create Applets or recipes to send commands to Sonos using the ‘then that’ section of your command, also known as the ‘action’.” For Sonos users who are interested in automating some of their tasks, you can head on over to IFTTT’s website where you can check out some of the examples that will be available to users.

This includes stopping all music when the Nest Protect alarm emergency goes off, or starting Sonos when you come home, and so on. It can also help you come up with your own ideas of your own that you can customize according to your needs.

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