With Apple’s new iPhones, Apple introduced the A12 Bionic chipset and also bumped the RAM from 3GB to 4GB. So the question is, with the new hardware how does the iPhone Xs Max fare against the likes of 2018’s flagship smartphones from the competition? As it turns out it can more than handle its own.

In the video above put together by SuperSaf TV, it shows the iPhone Xs Max going up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in a speed test. The video starts off by launching apps at the same time to see which phone can launch it first, and at the start it seemed like the A12 Bionic stumbled a bit as the Note 9 managed to edge it out.

However this changed dramatically when it got to launching games, which were much more optimized for the iPhone as they managed to open up seconds faster than the Note 9. It also seems that the additional 1GB of RAM helped Apple in the multitasking department, where in the past we would see iPhones stumble in this area due to it having less RAM than the competition.

Overall save for a stumble at the start, the new A12 Bionic chipset proves that it is just as fast, if not faster, than the competition, although it was a pretty close race. That being said, Huawei’s upcoming Mate 20 handsets will be packing the Kirin 980 chipset which the company believes will be able to outperform Apple.

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