iPhone Xs Max VS Note 9 VS Pixel 3 XL VS Xperia XZ3 In Battery Test

The other day the folks at PhoneBuff ran a battery test that compared the iPhone Xs Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. On paper the Note 9 had a larger battery which is why it wasn’t surprising that in their test, they found that the Note 9 managed to trounce the iPhone Xs Max in terms of battery life.

iPhone XS Max VS Galaxy Note 9 In Battery Test

Battery life on Apple’s iPhones have never really been known to be particularly good. While they’re far from terrible, Apple’s iPhones aren’t known to have long-lasting battery life, and if you were hoping the iPhone Xs Max would prove the exception, it doesn’t really seem that way, especially in the video above.

iPhone Xs Max’s Display Found To Be Gentle On Your Eyes

An issue that we’ve been hearing about in recent times is blue light, which is basically the light emitted from our electronic gadgets that have been found to interrupt our sleeping patterns, and in general are said to be bad for one’s eyes as well. This has led companies such as Apple to introduce Night Shift mode that modifies the temperature of the display to make it “warmer”.

iOS 12.0.1 Update Addresses iPhone Xs Charging & WiFi Issues

As some of you might have heard, the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max have run into some charging issues where their phones aren’t being charged while idle. To top that off, there have also been reports claiming shoddy WiFi performance. These are issues that were said to be fixed in the iOS 12.1 update, but it turns out it might have been fixed earlier than we thought.


Benchmarks Suggest Apple’s A12 Bionic Is Close To Desktop Performance

Our smartphones have often been described as powerful computers that can fit in our pockets, but yet despite the popularity of smartphones, seeing computers powered by ARM chips aren’t as popular or common as you might think, however the advantages to the ARM design are obvious which is why there have been rumors that Apple could eventually make the shift.

First Week iPhone Xs, Xs Max Sales Reportedly Better Than iPhone X

Usually whenever Apple introduces a new iPhone design, customers go crazy for them and we see sales spike. However last year with the iPhone X, while the phone didn’t flop, it wasn’t exactly the resounding success that Apple had hoped. However it seems that maybe this year’s iPhones are telling a different story.

Apple Reaching Out To iPhone Xs, Xs Max Owners Experiencing Weak LTE

One of the problems that early iPhone Xs owners have been reporting is poor reception issues. While tests have found that the LTE speeds on the new iPhones have improved thanks to the new radios, there are some who can’t seem to take full advantage of that. However it seems that Apple is aware of the issue and are reaching out to customers.

Analyst Claims Huawei’s Kirin 980 Narrows The Gap With The iPhone Xs

While many make fun and/or criticize the company’s choice when it comes to certain hardware decisions, it’s safe to say that when compared side-by-side in speed tests, Apple’s iPhones generally prevail. However this year could be different as Huawei thinks that its latest Kirin 980 chipset will finally be able to overtake Apple.

iOS 12.1 Will Address iPhone Xs, Xs Max Charging Issues

One of the problems that was spotted by early iPhone Xs and Xs Max adopters was that the phones had some charging issues. These users discovered that when their phones were idle, it had stopped charging for whatever reason. It is unclear as to what the problem might have been, but it doesn’t seem to have affected too many users.

Camera App Developer Debunks iPhone Xs ‘Beautygate’

Cameras that can take amazing selfies and make people look “better” are usually features proudly touted by companies. However it seemed to have the opposite reaction amongst iPhone Xs users, some of whom started believing a conspiracy theory that Apple had secretly applied a filter to the front-facing camera that smoothed the user’s skin and brightened it.

Apple Expected To Reveal iPhone Xs Sales Numbers On November 1

A few years ago, it marked the first time that Apple experienced a decline in iPhone sales. There are many reasons that could have contributed to this, such as the smartphone market maturing and peaking, or customers are no longer interested in paying a premium when there are cheaper alternatives that are more than capable of getting the job done.

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Test Compares LTE Speeds Between The iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max

There have been reports that suggests that Apple’s new iPhones will feature faster LTE speeds thanks to the use of new radios which will help the new iPhones get as much out of their connection as possible. For those who actually want to see those speeds themselves, the folks at iClarified have put together a video that shows the new iPhones in action.

Some Are Saying iPhone Xs Selfies Are Looking ‘Too Good’

The cameras on Apple’s iPhones have always been good. They might not necessarily be deemed to be the best, but they have always been good enough where many users have no problems capturing great quality photos with them. However it seems that the improvements Apple made with the iPhone Xs might have led to some conspiracy theories.