It was reported last week that Microsoft was warning Windows 10 users against third-party browsers like Chrome and Firefox. A user reported seeing a prompt when he launched Firefox which said that the company’s own Edge browser is “safer” and “faster” on the operating system. The company classified the prompt as a “warning” as it allowed users to choose no to be “warned” about this by tweaking their settings. It’s now being said that the company has decided to drop this warning for third-party browsers.


The prompt hadn’t been spotted widely which suggests that the company was possibly just testing it out. According to a report, Microsoft has decided to reverse this controversial test in the latest Windows 10 preview.

The test wasn’t really appreciated by those who experienced it or those who read about it. Chrome and Firefox are two of the most widely used internet browsers and such a “warning” would suggest that they’re unsafe for users on Windows 10 just so that users would shift to Microsoft’s own browser instead. It just doesn’t send the right message.

Microsoft reportedly does not plan to include this warning in the coming Windows 10 October 2018 update that’s going to be released in a couple of weeks. However, it may continue to test similar prompts in future updates.

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