In a perfect world, those who use Windows would also use Microsoft’s bundled browser (such as Internet Explorer or Edge). However that isn’t necessarily the case as we’re seeing that there are many out there who prefer third-party alternatives such as Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox.

However could this be something that Microsoft is taking offense to? Interestingly enough according to a tweet by user Sean Hoffman (via 9to5Google), Microsoft is warning users against using third-party browsers. Hoffman claims that when he launched Firefox, he was greeted with this prompt from Windows 10 in which it informs him that Edge is the “safer” and “faster” browser for Windows 10.

It might have passed off as an advertisement for Microsoft’s own Edge browser, but in the bottom part of the prompt, Microsoft has clearly classified this as a “warning” in which users can choose not to be “warned” in the future by adjusting their settings. That being said, this prompt doesn’t actually prevent the user from using the browser or blocking the installation, but safe to say that many users aren’t particularly thrilled by this.

Also like we said, this is the first time we’re seeing such a popup so it appears to be a recent development. Microsoft has yet to comment on it.

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