Recently at IFA 2018, LG took the wraps off its CLOi SuitBot which is an exoskeleton designed to help provide mobility and strength to its wearer. Exoskeletons aren’t exactly new and we have seen how some of them are used in factories to help workers lift heavy objects, and also in the medical field in which it helps patients improve their mobility.

However you almost never see anyone out in the street wearing an exoskeleton, and that’s a “problem” (or opportunity) that Seismic saw when they created their Powered Clothing. Speaking to TechCrunch, Seismic’s CEO Rich Mahoney made it abundantly clear that Powered Clothing is not an exoskeleton, but he admits that it’s not hard to make that assumption because, “Exoskeletons are what the public understands, with regards to wearable robotics.”

However the company’s Powered Clothing differs from that because it’s almost like an undergarment, where users wear it under their clothes which makes it more discreet. According to Mahoney, the company’s first product will provide the wearer with assistance in the hip and lower back areas to improve mobility and posture.

It’s an interesting product and concept, but unfortunately it seems that it won’t exactly be available for the masses just yet. The company has plans to launch Powered Clothing later this year but it will be available in limited quantities. There was no mention of how much it could cost, but it will be “similar to high-end, premium apparel”.

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