We have seen in various sci-fi movies how in the future, it could be that we will be outfitted with robotic body parts to replace our missing ones, or to help us perform certain tasks better. For now such technology does exist in the form of exoskeleton suits that prevents the elderly from falling or lifting heavy objects, just to name a few uses.

However a startup based in Paris called Wandercraft has created an exoskeleton that has been designed to help paraplegics walk again, or at least with some help. The company has actually  been trialing their technology for the past few years and has recently announced that they have managed to close a Series B round of investments said to be worth €15 million.

According to Nicolas Simon, CEO and one of the three founders of Wandercraft, “We are proud to have built a fantastic investor team around our mission, to bring autonomy to wheelchair users. They do not only bring funding but a unique combined experience in robotics, medical technologies and global growth. With the success of the first clinical trials and after 5 years of development on the leading edge of robotics and medicine, we now have all the resources needed to enter the market and contribute to breaking the disability barrier.”

The company claims that design and development of their exoskeleton is complete, and are now entering into the specification phase where they they will define how it is expected to work for patients and how medical personnel can use it, and there are plans to publish a demonstration of their exoskeleton in action by the end of the year.

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