Spotify is making it easier for independent artists to upload their music to the world’s most popular music streaming service. They will be able to upload their music directly to Spotify, thus eliminating the need for them to go through a label or digital aggregator. This feature is currently available in beta.


Spotify allows labels to upload music directly to its platform so those who aren’t signed to a label had to pay a third-party service to upload their music to Spotify. Spotify is now offering this feature to independent artists so that they can directly upload their music.

The feature will be located in the service’s Spotify for Artists platform. The platform already allows them to dive into the data about their listeners and also submit their songs to be considered for playlists.

Spotify will allow artists to upload their music and artwork and then pick a release date. They will also be able to provide additional information like whether it’s a single or an album. This service is currently being offered for free to independent artists.

All uploaded content will be cross-checked to ensure that it doesn’t have any infringing content and that other partners aren’t already delivering the same content on Spotify. Those who upload their music directly will get 50 percent of Spotify’s net revenue for 100 percent of the royalties for the songs they upload.

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