When you install a security app on your computer, chances are you are trusting that it will keep your information safe from malware, hacks, and busybodies. So you can imagine the irony when it was discovered that some of Trend Micro’s apps were actually doing the opposite, where it was found that some of the company’s apps were actually storing and exporting the browser history of its users.


This has resulted in Apple taking down several of the company’s security apps for the Mac. Trend Micro had initially denied the allegations in a statement that read, “Reports that Trend Micro is ‘stealing user data’ and sending it to an unidentified server in China are absolutely false.”

However the company has since updated their blog with more information and an apology over the issue, and detailed some of the changes that they have since made to their apps that basically took out the offending features.  “First, we have completed the removal of browser collection features across our consumer products in question. Second, we have permanently dumped all legacy logs, which were stored on US-based AWS servers. This includes the one-time 24 hour log of browser history held for 3 months and permitted by users upon install. Third, we believe we identified a core issue which is humbly the result of the use of common code libraries.”

The company also adds, “We’ve always aimed for full transparency concerning our collection and use of customer data and this incident has highlighted an opportunity for further improvement in some areas. To that end, we are currently reviewing and re-verifying the user disclosure, consent processes and posted materials for all Trend Micro products.”

At this time of writing, the offending apps are not available via the App Store. It is unclear if they will be allowed back in, but chances are they will need to submit them to Apple for review again following the changes that they’ve made since.

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