Oculus Connect is one of the biggest annual events of the virtual reality community conducted by the Facebook-owned company. The next one takes place in just about a week. Given that virtual reality is all about making you feel part of the experience without being there physically, it’s only fitting that the next Oculus Connect conference be streamed in virtual reality.

The important moments from the upcoming Oculus Connect conference will be live streamed in virtual reality through Oculus Venues. Viewers will be able to experience esports gameplay and keynotes with the other fans in the crowd as long as they’re using an Oculus Go or Gear VR headset.

The next Oculus Connect conference is scheduled for September 26th and the keynote address will start at 10 am PT. That’s where the bulk of the VR and developer-related news will be announced. The proceedings will then move to esports from 12 pm until 5 pm in the demo hall.

Oculus Product Manager Mike LeBeau pointed out that it’s uniquely challenging to stream the conference in virtual reality. Events like concerts, comedy nights, and sports have already been streamed in the virtual environment but both live keynotes and esports are new for the company.

It will make that happen with live cameras and multiple inputs for gaming in addition to some new technology that will allow for immersive outputs from game engines, allowing viewers to get a proper 180°/360° observer view.

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