Several years ago when Apple Pay was first launched, companies were initially resistant to the idea of adopting it because of the fees that they’d have to pay to Apple. CVS was one of those companies that had initially resisted adopting Apple Pay, but as you might have heard, earlier this year the company changed their mind.

For those who do shop at CVS and wouldn’t mind seeing support for Apple Pay, you’ll be pleased to learn that the pharmacy chain has rolled out support for Apple Pay across its stores. This was obviously not done overnight and the company had actually been slowly rolling out support over the past few weeks, and now it looks like the rollout is complete and all CVS stores should have no issues accepting Apple Pay.

This means that shoppers with an iPhone or an Apple Watch will be able to make their payments using their devices, which might come in handy if you don’t have cash on hand. Managing to convince CVS to adopt Apple Pay is no doubt a huge win for Apple, although as it stands there are still a few major retailers who have yet to adopt the payment system.

For example retail giant Walmart has yet to adopt Apple Pay and we’re not sure if they ever will. This is because not only has the company declined to support Apple Pay, but they’ve also gone as far as creating their own form of mobile payments.

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