Google Assistant already plays nicely with a bunch of different devices, but if you’re a Roku owner who was hoping to get support for Google Assistant, you’re in luck as it has been confirmed that Roku devices, such as the Roku TV and streamers, will now support Google Assistant commands.

This means that if you own a smart speaker like the Google Home, Home Mini, or the Home Hub, you will be able to control and command your Roku devices using your voice. Some examples of the support voice commands includes launching channels, controlling playback, and also search for shows.

However for those who own the Roku TV, you will get access to even more commands such as input switching, changing antenna channels, turning the TV on or off, and also adjusting volume. Unfortunately it seems that Netflix will not be supporting Google Assistant on Roku devices for now, so if you do use Netflix on your Roku device, then it looks like you won’t be able to take full advantage of Google Assistant’s integration.

It has also been noted that this might not necessarily only apply to Netflix, and that other third-party apps might not have full Google Assistant support either, so your mileage may vary, but in terms of controlling your Roku devices in general, you should have no issues.

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