In the early days of the smartphone where it was more than just iOS and Android, companies struggled to get their platforms noticed by developers. While there was nothing wrong with those platforms, the lack of support from developers saw users stick to more popular platforms like iOS or Android.

That just serves to highlight how important it is to have third-party support, something that Google doesn’t seem to have a problem with. Earlier this year Google had boasted that its Google Assistant was supported by more than 1,500 devices, but now it looks like that number has grown leaps and bounds where according to the latest figures, Google Assistant is supported by more than 10,000 smart home devices made by more than 1,000 manufacturers.

However as Android Police points out, 10,000 devices still pales in comparison to Amazon’s Alexa who boasts support for more than 20,000 devices. Then again Amazon did kind of kick all of this off when they launched the Echo, which prompted companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung, to all follow suit with similar products. We’re not sure if there will ever come a point in time where Google Assistant will overtake Amazon’s Alexa, but for now 10,000 is still very impressive.

In the meantime for those who are curious to see what kind of devices are supported, you can head on over to Google’s website for the details.

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