Google News is one of the many ways that people can get the news on their phones. However it seems that there is an issue with the app in which according to multiple user reports, it seems that the bug has caused the app to consume gigabytes worth of background data without the user’s knowledge, or at least until they run out of data or check their data usage.

According to one of the posts on the forums, “Have a problem this morning where I woke up and Google News used 7.65GB of background data overnight. I was connected to wifi but the signal was weak so its possible it was connecting/disconnecting. Even still…have no idea how google news would have a way to use that much in such a short time unless there was a problem.”

To make things worse, this isn’t a new problem either. Apparently this was reported several months ago and it was in September that a Google News community manager acknowledged the issue and stated that they were working on a fix. “Thanks so much for reporting this issue to us–we understand the importance of getting it resolved as soon as possible. The relevant teams are currently investigating and working towards a fix, and we’ll be posting updates directly to this thread. We may also reach out if there is additional troubleshooting info that would be helpful in our investigation.”

However fast forward to today and we’re nearly in November and no update or fix has yet to be released. For those who still want to keep using Google News despite this issue, then you might want to disable background data usage until a fix has been released.

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