Ads are Google’s bread and butter (or at least part of it) when it comes to generating revenue for their various services (which are typically free to use). However most people don’t like ads as they can be intrusive and sometimes unsightly, but what if ads were to be more functional? Would you mind them then?

That’s something that Google is trying to do with AdLingo, a startup part of Google’s Area 120 incubator in which they have turned ads into conversational chatbots where as you can see in the screenshots above, customers who are interested in an ad can actually chat with it to find out more information about a product.

This is versus how ads are currently displayed where they’re usually static, and users will need to navigate to the company’s website for more details, thus interrupting their browsing experience. So imagine if you could find out more about a product without necessarily interrupting your browsing session, wouldn’t that make ads more functional than intrusive?

According to AdLingo’s Vic Fatnani, “One of the things we saw happening was this paradigm shift with users and consumers going towards more of a conversational medium. Everything is becoming more conversational, whether it’s through devices such as your phone, your speaker and eventually your car … We asked ourselves, ‘Hey if this shift is happening, why can’t marketing be more conversational?’”

That being said, it might be a while before we actually see integration with Google’s ads because for now, Fatnani claims that the focus is on the customer.

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