Marshall is a company best-known by many musicians are producing some of the best amplifiers in the world for guitar and bass. Many legendary rock musicians have relied on Marshall in the past for studio recordings and live tours, although in recent times Marshall has since expanded their portfolio to include consumer-grade Bluetooth speakers.

Now just like its amps, its Bluetooth speakers have actually been very well-received with favorable reviews, and if you are thinking about checking them out, you’ll be pleased to learn that Marshall has since updated its Bluetooth lineup with updated models. This comes in the form of the Acton II, Stanmore II, and the Woburn II.

The main difference between these speakers would be its size, where the Acton II will be the smallest and most portable, while the Woburn II will be the largest and has been designed to be used as a fixed placement speaker if that’s what you prefer. They are expected to sport the same features as its predecessor with various improvements, so if you liked what you heard previously, then these should live up to those expectations.

In terms of pricing, we’ve definitely seen much cheaper Bluetooth speakers in the past, but like we said, Marshall is known for their sound which is why their speakers can command the prices that they do. The Acton II, Stanmore II, and Woburn II will be priced at $249, $349, and $499 respectively.

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