Marshall, a brand that musicians might be familiar with when it comes to guitar and bass amplifiers, has started making more commercially available audio products in the past few years. This include Bluetooth speakers, which have been very well received, and also headphones that are also doing pretty well.

One of the company’s headphones, the Marshall Major III, has recently undergone and update where the latest version of the headphones will now come with Google Assistant built into them. This means that if you use Google Assistant quite frequently, you’ll be able to quickly access them through the headphones with a press of a button.

However, apart from the addition of Google Assistant, the rest of the headphones will be pretty much identical to the non-Google Assistant version of the Major III. There will be, however, improvements made to the battery where it will now offer up to 60 hours of playback on a single charge, which is very impressive as far as wireless headphones are concerned.

Unfortunately, the additions also means that there will be a slight increase in price. The Marshall Major III Voice will be priced at $169 which is $20 more than its previous model, and even if you’re not a Google Assistant user, the improvement in battery life is worth the extra $20.

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