Earlier today, Apple introduced a new iPad Pro, a new Mac Mini, and a refreshed and redesigned MacBook Air. For the most part the new products don’t go too crazy in terms of their new pricing, but in case you do want to go all out in terms of maxing out the specs and storage, it seems that it will not come cheap.


As 9to5Mac notes, the new iPad Pros are already more expensive than last year’s models by $150 and $200 respectively for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch options, and maxing it out by opting to go with the 1TB storage and adding cellular connectivity, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will cost you a whopping $1,899, which means that it costs you more than a laptop would! This is also not counting the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil accessories.

As for the MacBook Air, Apple didn’t actually give users a lot of options in terms of configuration where the only thing you can really configure would be the RAM and storage, and maxing it out at 16GB of RAM and a 1.5TB SSD will cost you $2,600, versus the base price of $1,199, meaning you’ll be paying more than double for essentially memory.

Last but not least is the new Mac Mini which Apple seems to be positioning it as a small but powerful computer. The base model is priced at $799 which is more expensive than its predecessor, but maxing it out with a 6-core Intel i7 processor, 64GB of RAM, 2TB SSD, and a 10Gb Ethernet will see you spending a staggering $4,200. Apple’s products have never been cheap and these upgrades certainly prove just that.

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