There are plenty of software features that most of us take for granted, but yet for some there are certain things that are considered simple to us, but yet can take others a long time. Take for example typing, where most of us would not have issues with it, but yet for those who are dyslexic, this becomes much harder.


However the good news is that Microsoft is hoping to change that by bringing dictation to its web Office apps. Dictation has been a feature on the desktop version of Word, but now Microsoft will be rolling out that feature for the web version of Word and OneNote to better help users who might have dyslexia.

In case the feature wasn’t already obvious, dictation will allow users to use speech to text, where they’ll be able to use their voices to dictate what they want to write. This should help make things easier and hopefully allow users with dyslexia to avoid errors that they might have made if they had typed it out.

Right now dictation for the web version of Office will only be for Word and OneNote, but it is expected to eventually roll out for other apps such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook come 2019.

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