Are you looking for a way to manage your expenses? There are various apps out there that are more than capable of getting the job done, but it seems that Microsoft has tossed their hat into the ring as the company has since launched its own expense tracker for iOS devices simply called “Spend”.


Note that this app is part of Microsoft Garage which is essentially the company’s arm/branch that dabbles in experimental projects, meaning that this probably doesn’t have the full weight or resources behind it like Microsoft’s other apps and services, like Office, for example. However this doesn’t mean that the app isn’t useful or good, but its semi-experimental nature should be taken into consideration to manage your expectations.

That being said, Spend does seem rather interesting based on one of its features, which is the ability for it to automatically track and match your expenses. The app will be able to track your expenses from a linked credit card or bank account, where they can be categorized as personal or business expenses, and automatically categorized.

Just like most expense trackers, Spend will also be able to generate reports and export them as PDFs or spreadsheets. Now whether or not you feel comfortable providing credit card and bank information to the app is up to you, although we imagine that this might give some pause, but we’ll admit that it does make it easier to track your expenses. Spend is a free app that can be downloaded via the App Store for those living in the US.

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