When it comes to all-in-one (AIO) desktop systems, there are plenty of options out there. However if you wanted an AIO system that could also double as a massive drawing tablet, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has officially announced the Surface Studio 2, which Microsoft is claiming to be the most powerful Surface device they’ve ever built.

For those unfamiliar, the Surface Studio has been designed to look like an AIO system, but at the same time it has also been designed to have its display lie flat on the tablet at an angle which allows users to use it as a drawing tool, or they can also use it for collaborative purposes where people can gather around it and check out presentations, videos, and more.

Naturally Microsoft has made improvements to the device from its predecessor, namely in its display which Microsoft  claims is 38% brighter and with 22% more contrast and before. They are also claiming 4,096 levels of pressure for its display, 50% more graphics power thanks to the use of a new NVIDIA chip, along with a 2TB SSD.

Oddly enough Microsoft has opted to use a 7th generation Intel Core processor, which while no slouch, doesn’t sound particularly attractive on paper since many other devices have started adopting 8th gen Intel processors. There is no word on when the Surface Studio 2 will be launched, but it is expected to be priced starting at $3,500.

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